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Fig.2: Time dependence of the contact resistance

In single cell housings covered CrFe5 plates were applied as electrical contacts on the cathode side whereas on the anode side a Pt grid was used. The PEN consisted of a 150 mm YSZ electrolyte membrane with a 50 pm Lai.xSrxMn03 cathode layer and a 50 pm Ni02-YSZ anode layer. The electrode area was 16 cm2. Cell measurements were maintained under galvanostatic conditions at 1223 K in oxygen and dry hydrogen, respectively. Earlier experiments using uncoated interconnector plates resulted in a fast cell degradation caused by a deposition of chromium oxide compounds in the cathode (8). Cells with Sr and Ca doped LaCr03- or LaSrMnQ3 coated interconnectors were stable during 1000 hours of operation (fig. 3).

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