cross sectional area, [L ]

pipe cost parameter, [4/Lp+i]

pump station cost parameter, Fig. 7-4, [$t/FL = $t3/ML2]

hydraulic diameter, [L]

energy dissipated per unit mass of fluid, [FL/M = L2/t2]

Fanning friction factor, [L]

fluid layer thickness, [L], or total/head potenbtial (m/pg), [L]

required pump head, [L]

friction loss head, [2]

pipe inside diameter in inches, [L]

2-K loss coefficient parameters, [—]

mass flow rate, [M/t] cost group, Eq. (7-26), [—] Hedstrom number, [—]

Reynolds number based on hydraulic diameter, [—]

volumetric flow rate, [L3/t]

spatial average velocity, [L/t]

wetted perimeter, [L]

position of influence in partially full pipe [L] fraction of capital cost charged per unit time, [i/it] economic lifetime = i /X, [t]

a kinetic energy correction factor, [—]

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