3 represents a modification; blank spaces in table are where the figures are not known. Source : Svarovsky (1984).

Table 12-3 Families of Geometrically Similar Cyclones


Cyclone 2rn/D De/D 2S/D 2h/D 2H/D angle


For the Bradley geometry, the corresponding correlations are (Antunes and Medronho, 1992)

Neu = 258NR37 (12-67) where

These equations can be used to either predict the performance of a given cyclone or size the cyclone for given conditions. For example, if the definitions of NEu and NRe from Eqs. (12-57) and (12-58) are substituted into Eq. (12-67) and the result rearranged for D, the result is

which is dimensionally consistent.

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