Engineering is much more than just applied science and math. Although science and math are important tools of the trade, it is the engineer's ability to use these tools (and others) along with considerable judgment and experiment to "make things work"—i.e., make it possible to get reasoable answers to real problems with (sometimes) limited or incomplete information. A key aspect of "judgment and experience" is the ability to organize and utilize information obtained from one system and apply it to analyze or design similar systems on a different scale. The conservation of dimensions (or "fruit salad'') law enables us to design experiments and to acquire and organize data (i.e., experience) obtained in a lab test or model ssytem in the most efficient and general form and apply it to the solution of problems in similar systems that may involve different properties on a different scale. Because the vast majority of problems in fluid mechanics cannot be solved without resort to experience (i.e., empirical knowledge), this is a very important principle, and it will be used extensively.

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