Equivalent nitrogen pressure

circuit. [mech eng] 1. A bar to which one attaches a vehicle's whiffletrees to make the pull of draft animals equal. Also known as equalizing bar. 2. A bar which joins a pair of axle springs on a railway locomotive or car for equalization of weight. Also known as equalizing bar. 3. A device which distributes braking force among independent brakes of an automotive vehicle. Also known as equalizer brake. 4. A machine which saws wooden stock to equal lengths. { 'e-kws.lTz-sr} equalizing line [chem eng] A pipe or tubing interconnection between two closed vessels, containers, or process systems to allow pressure equalization. { 'e-kws.Hz-ig .Hn } equalizing reservoir [civ eng] A reservoir located between a primary water supply and the consumer for the purpose of maintaining equilibrium between different portions of the distribution system. { 'e-kws.lTz-ig 'rez-sv.war} equation of motion [mech] 1. Equation which specifies the coordinates of particles as functions of time. 2. A differential equation, or one of several such equations, from which the coordinates of particles as functions of time can be obtained if the initial positions and velocities of the particles are known. {i'kwa-zhsn sv 'mo-shsn }

equation of piezotropy [thermo] An equation obeyed by certain fluids which states that the time rate of change of the fluid's density equals the product of a function of the thermodynamic variables and the time rate of change of the pressure. {i'kwa-zhsn sv pee-s'za-trs-pe } equatorial mounting [eng] The mounting of an equatorial telescope; it has two perpendicular axes, the polar axis (parallel to the earth's axis) that turns on fixed bearings, and the declination axis, supported by the polar axis. { .e-kws'tor-e-sl 'maunt-ig } equatorial plane [mech] Aplane perpendicular to the axis of rotation of a rotating body and equidistant from the intersections of this axis with the body's surface, provided that the body is symmetric about the axis of rotation and is symmetric under reflection through this plane. { .e-kws'tor-e-sl 'plan } equatorial telescope [eng] An astronomical telescope that revolves about an axis parallel to the earth's axis and automatically keeps a star on which it has been fixed in its field of view. { .e-kws'tor-e-sl 'tel-s.skop } equilibrant [mech] Asingle force which cancels the vector sum of a given system of forces acting on a rigid body and whose torque cancels the sum of the torques of the system. {i'kwil-s-brsnt }

equilibristat [eng] A device for measuring the deviation from equilibrium of a railroad car as it goes around a curve. { .e-kws'lib-rs.stat } equilibrium [mech] Condition in which a particle, or all the constituent particles of a body, are at rest or in unaccelerated motion in an inertial reference frame. Also known as static equilibrium. {.e-kws'lib-re-sm }

equilibrium distillation See equilibrium flash vaporization. {.e-kws¡lib-re-sm .dis-ts¡la-shsn } equilibrium flash vaporization [chem eng] Process in which a continuous liquid-mixture feed stream is partly vaporized in a column or vessel, with continuous withdrawal of vapor and liquid portions, the vapor and liquid in equilibrium. Also known as continuous equilibrium vaporization; equilibrium distillation; flash distillation; simple continuous distillation. {.e-kws'lib-re-sm 'flash .va-ps-rs'za-shsn } equilibrium state [ind eng] A state in which the numbers of customers or items waiting in a queue varies in such a way that the mean and distribution remain constant over a long period. { .e-kws'lib-re-sm .stat} equipment [eng] One or more assemblies capable of performing a complete function. { s'kwip-msnt } equipment chain [eng] Group of equipments that are functionally in series; the failure of one or more of the equipments results in loss of the function. { s'kwip-msnt .chain } equipment replacement study [ind eng ] A cost analysis based on estimates of operating costs over a stated time for the old facility compared with the new facility. { s'kwip-msnt ri'plaTs-msnt .stsd-eT } equipollent [mech] Of two systems of forces, having the same vector sum and the same total torque about an arbitrary point. { ¡e-kws¡pal-snt }

equipotential surface [elec] A surface on which the electric potential is the same at every point. [mech] A surface which is always normal to the lines of force of a field and on which the potential is everywhere the same. { ¡e-kws-ps'ten-chsl 'ssr-fss } equivalent annual rate [ind eng] A measure used in setting up a monthly rate on a comparable basis for each of the months regardless of their variation in working days, or for making the rate comparable with an annual rate regardless of the variation in working days during each month. {i'kwiv-s-lsnt ¡an-ys-wsl 'rat} equivalent bending moment [mech] Abending moment which, acting alone, would produce in a circular shaft a normal stress of the same magnitude as the maximum normal stress produced by a given bending moment and a given twisting moment acting simultaneously. { i'kwiv-s-lsnt 'bend-ig .mo-msnt} equivalent blackbody temperature [thermo] For a surface, the temperature of a blackbody which emits the same amount of radiation per unit area as does the surface. { i'kwiv-s-lsnt 'blak.bad-e .tem-prs-chsr} equivalent circuit [elec] A circuit whose behavior is identical to that of a more complex circuit or device over a stated range of operating conditions. {i'kwiv-s-lsnt 'ssr-kst} equivalent nitrogen pressure [mech ] The pressure that would be indicated by a device if the gas inside it were replaced by nitrogen of equivalent

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