Programmed Start-Stop

Timed coincident with occupant schedules.

Two features are important for acceptance of these systems: A warning that the lights are about to go out Local overrides that ailow people to keep the lights on

Photo Cell Control of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights off during day-lit hours

Time switch to shut off some site lighting after dark, but security lighting stays on.

Occupancy Sensor

Use for individual rooms, multi-purpose rooms, warehouses, etc., that are only occasionally occupied. For warehouses, it is good practice to leave a few lights on continuously for safety and security. Not practical for restrooms, since they can leave people in the dark.

Timed Tenant Override

When after-hours tenants invoke the override, limit the amount of time this will remain active before the system reverts to unoccupied mode again (e g. 2 hours), and what actually gets overridden.

Figure 22.15 Basic Lighting Control Applications
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