Too Complex

It wilt only get unplugged if overly complex. Often simple solutions will work well and stay working longer. Find the balance between complexity and optimization that fits the customer.

Use of Experimental or Beta Site Products

BETA stands for

Brand new item, and we aren't Exactly sure it will work; so please be our Test site,

And let us know what does/doesn't work.

It doesn't actually stand for that, but that Is what it means to the customer. As a ruie; don't volunteer the customer to be a guinea pig. Use proven solutions.

Introducing New Single Points of Failure

Evaluate systems for weaknesses. Avoid bottlenecks and central hub issues where possible, and have contingency plans where they are unavoidable.

Creating a Captive Customer - Proprietary Systems

The Owner needs to make this decision, and there is no right' answer There are pros and cons to both proprietary and open systems, and both ways can achieve good control results

Figure 22.20 Control System Pitfalls
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