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(DDC) Reduced labor costs from the potential to reduce service calls to individual sites when a condition can be analyzed and a setting can be adjusted remotely, and organizational advantages of a computerized maintenance system use (CMMS).

Reduced repair costs by avoiding equipment shutdown or damage from early detection (pre-alarms) for out-of-norm conditions.

Difficult to quantify. Benchmark data not available

A good control system can be an excellent tool for Operations and Maintenance personnel. Overall efficiency gains, as well as general quality of operations, are benefits of using the DDC system to its potential.

Parameters / alarms to configure and monitor may include equipment that is off when it should be on, lights that are on when they should be off, prompting t clear user overrides, process temperatures above or below set point indicating stuck valves or other problems, etc

Figure 22.24 Quantifying Control System Savings (Continued)
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