Re Reynolds number, puav Lc r radius

St Stanton number, h/Cp pua

T temperature

U overall heat-transfer coefficient u velocity ux free-stream velocity

V volume

V velocity

W rate of work done

Greek Symbols a thermal diffusivity coefficient of thermal expansion difference, change surface emissivity fin effectiveness viscosity kinematic viscosity density

Stefan-Boltzmann constant time

Subscripts b bulk conditions cr critical condition c convection cond conduction conv convection e entrance, effective

/ fin, fluid i inlet conditions o exterior condition

0 centerline conditions in a tube at r = 0

o outlet condition p pipe, pump s surface condition oc free-stream condition

Appendix II

Conversion Factors and Property Tables

Compiled by L.C. WITTE

Professor of Mechanical Engineering University of Houston Houston, Texas

Table II.1 Conversion Factors

To Obtain:




Sq miles

0 0

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