Preferred Design

The most reliable and field proven design distinguishes itself in many ways from the previous concepts. The rotor/coil assembly rotates constantly with the motor shaft. A one-piece drum/pulley portion is the output-driving member. The pulley grooves are located in-board, closer to the motor face than any other design. The drives' bearings are located directly under the pul ley grooves so that maximum belt tension can be applied continuously on all models without harming the drive bearings end yet remains well under the overhung load capacities of the motor. Because the drum is copper lined, the brushless drive runs cooler, and is more efficient than other magnetic-coupled drives. The drive coil requires only one third to one fourth the wattage of other models. It has the fewest parts, weighs less end has the best operating performance or all available designs the unblemished track record approaching five years allows for the longest drive warranty that is available in the industry, matching the full five year motor warranty.

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