ln r fl(1) c stands for an unspecified constant; (2) the second line of each entry applies when Cp and cv are independent of temperature; (3) S2 - si = s0^) - s0(Ti) - R ln (P2/P1); (4) r = volume ratio or compression ratio = V2/ Vi; (5) k = cp/cv > 1; (6) n = polytropic exponent.

various types of systems. In energy conservation, the first and second laws of thermodynamics form the basis of most technical analysis.

For open systems two approaches to analysis can be taken, depending upon the nature of the process. For steady systems, the steady-state steady-flow assumption

Table I.2 Law of Conservation of Mass

Closed system, any process: m = constant

Open system, SSSF: in out

Open system, USUF: Open system, general case:

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