Isolated Operation Electric Load Following The

facility is independent of the electric utility grid, and is required to produce all power required on-site and to provide all required reserves for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Baseloaded, Electrically Sized—The facility is sized for baseloaded operation based on the minimum historic billing demand. Supplemental power is pur chased from the utility grid. This facility concept generally results in a shorter payback period than that from the isolated site.

Baseloaded, Thermally Sized—The facility is sized to provide most of the site's required thermal energy using recovered heat. The engines operated to follow the thermal demand with supplemental boiler fired as required. The authors point out that: "this option frequently results in the production of more power than is required on-site and this power is sold to the electric utility."

In addition, the AGA manual includes a description of sources of information or processes by which background data can be developed for the specific gas distribution service area. Such information can be used to adapt the feasibility screening procedures to a specific utility.

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