Energy Savings

Reliability improvements through increased monitoring.

First Cost.

Higher skill level required for maintenance personnel (DDC).

Demand Savings

Automated equipment operating logs and ease of archiving.

Control System Repair Costs.

Often overlooked, these should be budgeted for like any other building system. A rule of thumb is 5% of initial cost per year as an allowance for Operations and Maintenance.

Increased training costs (DDC).

Labor Savings. A touchy subject. Whether job elimination is used as project justification is an individual decision.

Reliability improvements from expedited / remote troubleshooting, early detection and other pro-active benefits from Trending, Reporting, and Alarm features of DDC controls.

Labor costs for the IT (Information Technology) work on the computer-side of the control system, especially when Interfacing with other systems or sharing common cabling. Costs may be in-house special personnel or contracted.

Shorter technology obsolescence cycle for DDC controls means earlier system replacement, and increased life cycle costs.

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