ßOff-the-shelf items available in small capacities only. br

ßOff-the-shelf items available in small capacities only. br

"Controversial subject. Some authorities claim moisture recovery. Do not advise depending on it. dWith a purge section added, cross-contamination can be limited to less than 1% by mass.

Can be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, but consider possible extensive damage to equipment caused by leaks or tube ruptures. e Allowable temperatures and temperature differential limited by the phase-equilibrium properties of the internal fluid.

of capital recovery can be adjusted by manipulating product selling prices. When dealing with waste-heat-recovery systems, this is generally not an option. The rate of capital recovery is heavily influenced by utility rates and fuel prices which are beyond the influence of the investor. This points out the importance of gathering solid data, and using the best available predictions in preparing analyses for the investment decision process.

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