Variable Flow Hot water converter reset

Reduced distribution system piping heat losses

Estimate from average systems temperatures and hours, using heat loss tables.

If the heating system runs during cooling season, these losses (now credits) are amplified as new cooling loads, increasing benefit

Variable speed pumping will ramp up as temperature is lowered, increasing pumping costs and tending to offset the savings in standby piping losses.

Heat from the extra pump energy occurs only in heating mode and provides some beneficial heating, but at the efficiency of electric resistance heating. This beneficial heat subtracts from measure savings.

Evaluate when (winter or summer?) and where the Dioinq heat losses occur. Wherever the thermal losses are beneficial, they subtract from measure savings.

If boiler lockout is used, losses from summer hours must be subtracted from measure savings.

For annual hours with the boiler active, the piping losses can be estimated. From these, subtract added pumping costs.

Energy transport energy penalty for hydronic systems is low, so this may still produce good savings

Control off or reduce lighting in a thermally heavv buildino

Electric savings is from the hours the lights are now off, compared to existing hours of operation (or reduced wattage if de-iamped)

In summer, excess heat from inefficient lighting is amplified since it is also an extra cooling load.

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