Greek Letters

coefficient of performance for a refrigerator coefficient of performance for a heat pump efficiency density relative humidity humidity ratio or specific humidity

Subscripts c property at the critical point c.v. control volume e state of a substance leaving a control vol ume f formation f property of saturated liquid fg difference in property for saturated vapor and saturated liquid g property of saturated vapor r reduced property s isentropic process


- bar over symbol denotes property on a molal basis (over V, H, S, U, A, G, the bar denotes partial molal property) ° property at standard-state condition

* ideal gas

L liquid phase

S solid phase

V vapor phase

Heat Transfer—Fluid Flow surface area profile area for a fin Biot number, (hL/k) specific heat at constant pressure specific heat diameter hydraulic diameter shape factor of area i with respect to area j friction factor

Grashof number, g PATLHv2 acceleration due to gravity gravitational constant convective heat-transfer coefficient thermal conductivity mass mass rate of flow number of rows Nusselt number, hL/k Prandtl number, ^C^/k pressure volumetric flow rate rate of heat flow Rayleigh number, g PATLHv «

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