These values may then be used with the curves on Figure 5.13 to approximate the potential energy savings.

4. Increase Allowable Drum Solids Level. In some instances it may be possible to increase the maximum allowable impurity limit without adversely affecting the operation of the steam system. However, it must be emphasized that a water treatment consultant should be contacted for recommendation on changes in the limits as given in Table 5.9. The changes must also be followed by lab tests for steam purity to verify that the system is operating as anticipated.

The energy savings may be evaluated by using the foregoing equations for blowdown and the graphs in Figures 5.13 and 5.15. Consider the following example.

Example: Determine the blowdown rates as a percentage of steam flow required to maintain boiler drum water impurity concentrations at an average of 3000 ppm and 6,000 ppm.

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