Capacitors Benefit Your Distribution System By

# Reducing power costs

• Releasing system capacity

# Improving voltage levels

• Reducing system losses

This quick method for monitoring power and power factor is useful in determining both fixed capacitors to be tied across each phase for the nominal load, and the capacitors that are switched in only when intermittent loads come on-line.

The two-wattmeter method is useful for determining real power consumed in either wye- or delta-connected systems with or without balanced loads:

However, the use of these readings for determining phase power factor as well is restricted to the case of balanced loads.

III.6.2 Summary

This brief coverage of power and power-factor determination in three-phase systems covers only the very basic ideas in this important area. It is the aim of this brief coverage to recall or refresh ideas once learned but seldom used.

Tables III.1 and III.2 were supplied by General Electric. who gave permission for the reproduction of their materials in this handbook.

Fig. III.20 Four-wire wye-connected system with wattmeter connections detailed. Solid circle voltage connections to wattmeter; open circle, current connections to wattmeter.

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