BLC x DD x 24 H x

Ignoring the conversion terms, we can see that this equation has the potential to describe the relationship between monthly weather trends and the building heating fuel consumption shown in Figure 9.23.

As building construction techniques have improved over the years, and more and more heat-producing equipment has found its way into commercial and even residential buildings, a variety of correction factors have been introduced to accommodate these influences. The Degree-Day method, in its simpler form, is not presently considered a precise method of estimating future building energy consumption. However it is useful for indicating the severity of the heating season for a region and it can prove to be a very powerful tool in the analysis of existing buildings (i.e. ones whose energy consumption is already known).

It is possible to determine an effective Building Load Coefficient for a building by analyzing the monthly fuel consumption and corresponding monthly Degree Days using the technique of linear regression.

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