Application Identification

There are many instances where a VFD can be successfully applied. The situation where the existing equipment already utilizes one of the older speed control technologies is the easiest to identify. In the case of the printing press that utilizes an Motor-generator set with a Eddy-current clutch, a single VFD and new AC motors could replace the MG-set and the DC motors. A mixer utilizing variable pitch pulleys ("Reeves" drive) could be replaced with a VFD which would reduce slippage losses and could dramatically improve product quality (through better control) and reliability (solid state versus mechanical).

Equipment (fans or pumps) utilizing dampers or valves to reduce flow is another instance where a VFD may provide a better means of control and energy savings. A variable volume air handler that utilizes damper or inlet guide vane controls could be replaced with a VFD drive controller. This would reduce the amount of energy required to supply the required amount of air to the system. Chiller manufacturers have utilized VFD controllers to replace the standard butterfly inlet valves on centrifugal compressors. This can significantly reduce the part load power requirements of a chiller which occur for a majority of the operating cycle in most applications.

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