Figure 13.11 ICETRON™ System (Source: Sylvania)

Starting temperatures extend down to -40°F, opening up opportunities for low temperature applications such as freezers and coolers. The ICETRON™ bulbs are available in two color temperatures—3500K (neutral) and 4100K (cool) and a CRI of 80. Sylvania rates the lumen maintenance at 70% at 60,000 hours (60% of rated life). This is a departure from the standard method of rating lumen maintenance for other light sources (at 40% rated life). The lumen maintenance curve shows a lumen maintenance value of 75 at 40%. At the rated life of 100,000 hours, the lumen maintenance is about 65%.

The ICETRON™ system meets FCC (non-consumer) requirements and has a low EMI design. The principal advantage of this system is long life—100,000 hours. A comprehensive warranty covers the system for 60 months. Applications where maintenance is difficult and or costly are prime candidates for these long life systems.

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