7242 Preliminary Feasibility Study Approaches

AGA Manualā€”GKCO Consultants (1982) developed a cogeneration feasibility (technical and economical) evaluation manual for the American Gas Association, AGA. It contains a "Cogeneration Conceptual Design Guide" that provides guidelines for the development of plant designs. It specifies the following steps to conduct the site feasibility study:

a) Select the type of prime mover or cycle (piston engine, gas turbine or steam turbine);

b) Determine the total installed capacity;

c) Determine the size and number of prime movers;

d) Determine the required standby capacity.

According to its authors "the approach taken (in the manual) is to develop the minimal amount of information required for the feasibility analysis, deferring more rigorous and comprehensive analyses to the actual concept study." The approach includes the discussion of the following "Design Options" or design criteria to determine (1) the size and (2) the operation mode of the CHP system.

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