7241 General Approaches For Design and Evaluation

Hay (1988) presents a structured approach for system design and evaluation. It is a sequence of evaluation iterations, each greater than the previous and each producing information whether the costs of the next step is warranted. His suggested design process is based on the following steps.

Step 1: Site Walkthrough and Technical Screening Step 2: Preliminary Economic Screening Step 3: Detailed Engineering Design.

Similarly, Butler (1984) considers three steps to perform studies, engineering and construction of cogen-eration projects. These are discussed as follow.

Step 1. Preliminary studies and conceptual engineering. This is achieved by performing a technical feasibility and economic cost-benefit study to rank and recommend alternatives. The determination of technical feasibility includes a realistic assessment with respect to environmental impact, regulatory compliance, and interface with a utility. Then, an economic analysis-based on the simple payback period-serves as a basis for more refined evaluations.

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