7222 Gas Turbine Systems

Gas turbines are extensively applied in industrial plants. Two types of gas turbines are utilized: one is the lighter aircraft derivative turbine and the other is the heavier industrial gas turbine. Both industrial and aircraft engines have demonstrated excellent reliability/availability in the base load service. Due to the nature of the unit designs, aircraft derivative units usually have higher maintenance costs ($/kWh) than the industrial units.

Since gas turbines can burn a variety of liquid and gas fuels and run long times unattended, they are considered to be versatile and reliable. For a fixed capacity, they have the smallest relative foot-print (sq-ft per kW).

Gas Turbine Based CHP Systems

Exhaust gases from gas turbines (from 600 to 1200°F) offer a large heat recovery potential. The exhaust has been used directly, as in drying processes. Topping cycles have also been developed by using the exhaust gases to generate process steam in heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). Where larger power loads exist,

Gas Turbine Ratings and Performance

There is a wide range of gas turbine sizes and drives. Available turbines have ratings that vary in discrete sizes from 50 kW to 160,000 kW. Kovacik (1982) and Hay (1988) list the following gas turbine data required for design and off-design conditions:

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