4-pin rapid-start CFLs

4-pin rapid-start lamps are available in 16, 18, 24, 26, 28, 32, and 42-watt models. All commercial-grade models are rated at 10,000 hours. The majority of these lamps are T5 (5/8" tube diameter), but some are T4 (1/2" tube diameter). Maximum overall length (MOL) ranges from 3.5" to 5.5." The three primary color temperatures are available—3000K (warm), 3500K (neutral), and 4100K (cool). At least one manufacturer also provides the warmer 2700K color. Rapid-start CFLs are designed for operation on electronic ballasts and can be dimmed when operated on a dimming electronic ballast, designed for the appropriate lamp wattage.

New generation compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are a significant improvement over the earlier twin and double twin tube types. Instead of using free mercury, these new CFLs use mercury that has been combined with other metals to form an amalgam. The amalgam makes the lamps less sensitive to the effects of temperature and position.

This is an important advantage over standard CFLs and is the reason that many applications using

Figure 13.9 Double Arc-Tube HPS (Source: Sylvania)

standard CFLs perform poorly. Amalgam CFLs have stable light output from 23°F to 130°F. Also, amalgam lamps are not position sensitive and exhibit less color shift than conventional CFLs. They do take slightly longer to warm up, but they are at full brightness in less than 3 minutes. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always clearly identify their amalgam lamps, but most "triple" tubes are amalgam.

CFLs are available in higher wattage for use in high ceiling downlights. A 32-watt triple-tube, amalgam lamp, rated at 2,400 lumens, provides a system replacement for 150-watt incandescent downlights. A 42-watt triple-tube, amalgam lamp, rated at 3,200 lumens, allows its use as a system replacement for highwattage incandescent downlights and a 57-w rapid start, triple-tube, amalgam lamp, rated at 4,300 lumens, is equivalent to a 200-w incandescent lamp.

At Lightfair International 2003, Philips Lighting unveiled a new multiple burning position, high lumenoutput PL-H lamp. These 4-pin, rapid start lamps are used with high frequency, electronic ballasts. They are composed of 6, T5 limbs, joined with bend-and-bridge technology. There are 6 models with wattages ranging from 60 to 120-w. Versatile and powerful they have a lumen output almost double that of other CFLs, up to 9,000 lumens (120-w model), they provide maximum design freedom in many areas, including high ceiling indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, the white light PL-H range promises stable color rendering, long life and high lumen maintenance.

Dimmable CFLs

Screw-base dimmable CFLs were introduced in 1996. This lamp is intended to replace incandescent lamps used on wallbox dimming systems. The elec tronic ballast base in this 1-piece lamp responds to the phase change voltage waveform from most existing dimmers and dims the CFL down to 10% light output.

The dimmable CFL is available in several wattages, the most common being a 23-watt triple-tube amalgam lamp with a lumen rating of 1500 that will replace 90-watt "A" lamps. The major benefit of this lamp is that dimming is accomplished on existing dimming circuits with no additional control wiring required.

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