651 Estimation of Heat and Mass Losses in Condensate Systems

The saturated liquid condensate produced when steam condenses on a heating surface still retains a significant fraction of the energy contained in the steam itself. Referring to Table 6.2, for example, it is seen that at a pressure of about 80 psig, each pound of saturated liquid contains about 295 Btu, or nearly 25% of the original energy contained in the steam at the same pressure. In some plants, this condensate is simply discharged to a wastewater system, which is wasteful not only of energy, but also of water and the expense of boiler feedwater treatment. Even if condensate is returned to an atmospheric pressure receiver, a considerable fraction of it is lost in the form of flash steam. Table 6.16 shows the percent of condensate loss due to flashing from systems at the given steam pressure to a flash tank at a lower pressure. For example, if in the 80-psig system discussed above, condensate is returned to a vented receiver instead of discharging it to a drain, nearly 12% is vented to the atmosphere as flash steam. Thus about

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