Saving in primary energy = (I - J00%/ 161%)- 100 = 38%

C) Integration of a cogeneration system and an industrial process.

Figure 7.1 Potential of saving in primary energy when separate generation of heat and electrical energy is substituted by an industrial cogeneration system.

tremendous, since it creates a new class of generating facility called Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWGs). Economies of scale and scope—i.e. the natural higher efficiency of larger CHP plants—could trigger the grow of cogeneration based EWGs. In addition, EPAct-1992 will open the transmission grid to utilities and NUGs by ordering FERC to allow open transmission access to all approved EWGs. However, specific retail wheeling rules have not been legislated at the time of this writing. So far, only a few retail wheeling cases have been started. Thus, the actual impact of deregulation on cogeneration is considered to be uncertain. Nevertheless, some consider that retail wheeling/deregulation and cogeneration could have a synergistic effect and should be able to support each other.

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