535 Boiler Blowdown

In the generation of steam, most water impurities are not evaporated with the steam and thus concentrate in the boiler water. The concentration of the impurities is usually regulated by the adjustment of the continuous blowdown valve, which controls the amount of water (and concentrated impurities) purged from the steam drum.

When the amount of blowdown is not properly established and/or maintained, either of the following may happen:

1. If too little blowdown, sludge deposits and carryover will result.

2. If too much blowdown, excessive hot water is removed, resulting in increased boiler fuel requirements, boiler feedwater requirements, and boiler chemical requirements.

Significant energy savings may be realized by utilizing the guides presented in this section for (1) establishing optimum blowdown levels to maintain acceptable boiler-water quality and to minimize hot-water losses, and (2) the recovery of heat from the hot-water blowdown.

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