Check fan blades and clean if necessary Check fan belts for proper tension and wear Check pulleys for wear and alignment Check for drive noise, loose belts, and excessive vibration Faucets

1. Check for leaks; replace washers if needed Filters, air

1. Replace

2. Check for gaps around filters

3. Inspect electrical power equipment (for roll filters; from Ref. 6)

Filter, oil

1. Clean and oil Gauges

1. Check calibration

2. Check readings Grillwork

1. Remove dirt, grease, bugs

2. Remove obstructions from in front of grill

3. Check air direction

4. Recaulk seams Leaks

1. Check for refrigerant leaks Lights, inside

1. Perform group relamping

2. Perform survey of lighting in actual use

3. Clean luminaires

4. Replace flickering lights Lights, outside Motors

1. Lubricate bearings

2. Check alignment

3. Check mountings Ovens

1. Check insulation


Whenever major equipment changes occur, or every 2 years

Semiannually Monthly Semiannually Semiannually


When dirty, or monthly When replacing Monthly

Whenever compressor oil is changed

Annually As needed

Monthly Monthly Monthly As required


See Chapter 13 Semiannually

Office area: every 6 months; laboratories: every

2 months; maintenance shops: every

6 months; heavy manufacturing areas: every

3 months; warehouses: every 12 months Immediately

See Chapter 13

When needed Semiannually Semiannually Semiannually

Table 14.9 (Continued)

2. Check controls

3. Check firebrick and insulation Piping

1. Check mountings

2. Check for leaks Pumps

1. Check lubrication

2. Examine for leaks

Steam traps, (Ref. 8), high pressure (250 psig or more) 1. Test

Steam traps, medium pressure (30-250 psig)

1. Test Steam traps, low pressure 1. Test

Steam traps, all (see Section 14.2.3)

1. Take apart and check for dirt and corrosion Thermostats

1. Check calibration Time clocks

1. Reset

2. Check and clean Transformers (Ref. 6)

1. Inspect gauges and record readings

2. Remove debris

3. Sample and test dielectric

4. Remove cover and check for water Walls and windows

1. Check for air infiltration

2. Clean

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