High output T5 linear lamps (SEE TABLE 13.12)

These T5 lamps are physically the same size as standard T5 lamps, but provide higher lumen output. T5HO lamps generate from 1.5 to 2 times the light output of the standard T5 and nearly twice the light output (188%) of T8 and T12 systems with the same number of lamps. One-lamp T5 HO fixtures can replace both lamps of 2-lamp T8 fixtures.

They are approximately 10-15% less efficient than standard T5 lamps (83 to 94 lumens per watt) and can be up to 8% less efficient than standard T8 systems. The surface brightness varies among various wattages and since lamps operate on different currents (see Table 13.12), each lamp wattage requires a unique ballast.

T5 HO lamps are available in the three standard fluorescent color temperatures (cool—4100K, warm—3000K and neutral—3500K) and have a color rendering index greater than 80. Lumen maintenance is rated at 95%. These lamps are now rated at 20,000 hours. Similar to standard T5 lamps, T5HO lamps also peak in their lumen rating at 35°C (95°F) vs. 25°C (77°F) for T12 and T8 lamps. This provides higher light output in confined applications where there is little or no air circulation. In indirect fixtures, this thermal characteristic results in increased efficiency with more usable lumens per watt.

T5HO lamps are being used in designs of slim profile indirect fixtures that take advantage of the smaller lamp. Only 1 lamp per 4-ft section is required, replacing

Table 13.12 T5HO Lamp Sizes (Source: Effective Lighting Solutions, Inc.)







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