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There is no generic form to that can be used for reporting. There are too many variables such as organization size, product, project requirements, and procedures already in existence. The ultimate reporting system is one used by a chemical company making a textile product. The Btu/lb of product is calculated on a computer system that gives an instantaneous reading. This is not only a reporting system, but one that detects maintenance problems. Very few companies are set up to do this, but many do have some type of energy index for monthly reporting.

When energy prices fluctuate wildly, the best energy index is usually based on Btus; but, when energy prices are stable, the best index is dollars. However, there are still many factors that will influence any index, such as weather, production, expansion or contraction of facilities, new technologies, etc.

The bottom line is that any reporting system has to be customized to suit individual circumstances. And, while reporting is not always the most glamorous part of managing energy, it can make a contribution to the program by providing the bottom line on its effectiveness. It is also a straight pipeline into management, and can be a tool for promoting the program.

The report is probably of most value to the one who prepares it. It is a forcing function that requires all information to be pulled together in a coherent manner. This requires much thought and analysis that might not otherwise take place.

By making reporting a requirement of the energy policy, getting the necessary support can be easier. In many cases, the data may already be collected on a periodic basis and put into a computer. It may simply require combining production data and energy data to develop an energy index.

Keep the reporting requirements as simple as possible. The monthly report could be something as simple as adding to an ongoing graph that compares present usage to some baseline year. Any narrative should be short, with data kept in a file that can be provided for any supporting in-depth information.

With all the above considered, the best way to report is to do it against an audit that has been performed at the facility. One large corporation has its facilities report in this manner, and then has an award for those that complete all energy conservation measures listed on the audit.

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