2872 Example 2 Oklahoma City Facility

This example places the same building in a new environment. The location of the facility is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Typical local weather conditions are 3,588°F-day/yr (base 65°F) heating degree-days (1,993 heating Celsius degree-days) and 2,068 (base 65°F) cooling degree-days (1,149 cooling Celsius degree-days). The 97.5% heating design temperature is 13°F (-10.6°C) and the 2.5% cooling design temperature is 96°F (35.6°C). The mean annual earth temperature is 62°F (16.7°C).

The electric rate schedule for this example consists of a summer demand charge of $12.35/kW-month, a winter demand charge of $4.48/kW-month, and an energy charge of $0.0236/kWh. The gas rate schedule consists of an energy charge of $3.40/mcf ($0.34/therm).

The corresponding heating load for this facility during the design day is estimated to be 2,392 kBtu/h (701.7 kW). The design cooling load is 1,832 kBtu/h (537.4 kW). The same balance temperature of 60°F (15.6°C) is estimated for the facility.

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