210 Ownership

within the company. Too many management decisions are made with a meager knowledge of the effects on energy.

Use proven technology. Many programs get bogged down trying to make a new technology work, and lose sight of the easy projects with good payback. Don't buy serial number one. In spite of price breaks and promise of vendor support, it can be all consuming to make the system work.

Go with the winners. Not every department within a company will be enthused about the energy program. Make those who are look good through the reporting system to top management, and all will follow.

A final major tip—ask the machine operator what should be done to reduce energy. Then make sure they get proper recognition for ideas.

The key to a successful energy management program is within this one word—ownership. This extends to everyone within the organization. Employees that operate a machine "own" that machine. Any attempt to modify their "baby" without their participation will not succeed. They have the knowledge to make or break the attempt. Members of the energy team are not going to be interested in seeing one person—the energy manger—get all the fame and glory for their efforts. Management people that invest in energy projects want to share in the recognition for their risk taking. A corporate energy team that goes into a division for an energy audit must help put a person from the division in the energy management position, then make sure the audit belongs to the division. Below are more tips for success that have been compiled from observing successful energy management programs.

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