Peak Total (Ton-Hrs):



Peak Demand (Tons):


24 Hours

6123 Ton-Hr

24 Hours

2This peak load is supplied by the TES, supplemented by the chiller 3This is the chiller load and peak during on-peak period.

periods. An optional method for utilizing partial storage is a system that already utilizes two chillers. The daily cooling load could be satisfied by running both chillers during the off-peak hours, storing any excess cooling capacity, and running only one chiller during the on-peak period, to supplement the discharge of the storage system. This also has the important advantage of offering a reserve chiller during peak load times. Figure 19.4 shows the chiller consumption profile for this optional partial storage arrangement and Table 19.4 lists the consumption values. Early and late in the cooling season, the partial load system could approach the full load system characteristics. As the cooling loads and peaks begin to decline, the storage system will be able to handle more of the on-peak requirement, and eventually the on-peak chiller could also be turned off. A system such as this can be designed to run the chillers at optimum load, increasing efficiency of the system.

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