1464 Monitoring

When the energy consumption base has been established and the energy management plan has begun to take effect, energy consumption must be monitored. Monitoring serves three functions: to evaluate progress, to show which measures work, and to show which measures do not work.

The first step in a monitoring program is to choose some measure of energy consumption to monitor. Each kind of energy used in the facility should be monitored, with separate graphs for gasoline, propane, gas, and electric usage (kWh) and electric demand (kW). These should be plotted for the 12 months previous to the installation of the energy management plan, where possible, to establish a base against which to judge improvement. If your facility does not have a separate electric meter or separate accounting procedures for fuel, it is probably worthwhile to install them so you can know exactly what effect your program is having on your energy consumption.

Once the energy management plan has gone into effect, the next step is to graph the consumption, month by month, to see whether the program has helped and, if so, how much. If the program has not decreased energy consumption, you can use the monitoring equipment to analyze your energy use in more detail—to find what areas or pieces of equipment are using the energy. Then

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