1461 Analyzing Present Energy Usage

Energy is used in three ways in materials handling and storage: to move material, to condition spaces for material, and to condition spaces for people who are moving or storing material. Energy used to move material includes fuel or electricity for lift trucks, diesel or electricity for conveyor power, or cranes and electricity for automatic storage and retrieval systems. Examples of energy to condition spaces for material includes refrigeration for vegetables, controlled tempera ture storage for electric components, and materials and ventilation of areas used to store volatile liquids. The energy used to condition spaces for people includes heating, cooling, and ventilating a warehouse to make it comfortable for persons working there, air conditioning a cab of a large crane, and providing a comfortable working area for the secretaries supporting the materials handling and storage functions. These three functions also interact—if gasoline is used in a warehouse lift truck, the amount of ventilation air required for personnel is 8000 ft3/min per lift truck, a requirement that is not present for electric lift trucks. (Nonelectric trucks may, however, have offsetting advantages for individual applications.) Energy used for conditioning material storage spaces can also interact in other ways with energy used to condition space for people—for example, waste heat from a refrigerator has been used to heat office space.

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