1414 Followup and Monitoring

Management action is necessary to see that the prescribed maintenance policies are being followed. This step, the fourth in the development of an energy maintenance program, has three objectives. First, to ensure that maintenance is being performed as scheduled. This objective can be accomplished by periodic inspections of the records and of the action recorded. The second objective is for the management to get an update on the condition of the facility so as to anticipate and plan for capital expenditures relating to maintenance. This planning requires knowledge of the current condition of the plant. The third objective is to update all the files.

The energy equipment notebook should be changed every time a new kind of equipment is installed or whenever a manufacturer announces improved maintenance procedures for equipment already on hand. The equipment card file should be changed at the same time, with abbreviated versions of any new maintenance instructions. The equipment file should also be changed whenever someone discovers an improved way of maintaining an item on a card. The tickler file should be changed to reflect the actual needs of the facility. If, for example, the original standard on filter changing was 0.5 hr per change, and a new method is developed that enables these to be changed in 0.3 hr, the new method should be noted on the equipment card file and the new standard on the tickler card files. Similarly, if the frequency of filter changes was originally listed as every month, and experience shows that 3 months is

Table 14.10 Example of equipment maintenance and frequencies.




Standard, Frequency

Air-handling units

Bldg 211

Clean filters

0.7 hr, monthly

0 0

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