1413 Prepare a Maintenance Schedule

Section 14.1.2 gave a list of maintenance actions needed for many equipment items, together with approximate maintenance frequencies. To develop your own maintenance schedule, first list the equipment you have in your facility. Then, using the table, estimate the maintenance or inspection frequencies for each unit. A section of such a table is shown in Table 14.10. This table should go into the workbook with manufacturers' manuals described earlier. This master table and the workbook are used to develop two files: an equipment file and a tickler file.

The equipment file is a list of cards describing the maintenance for each unit. A unit may have more than one card, depending upon the complexity of its maintenance. These cards contain troubleshooting directions, a description of how to perform specific main


Annually Annually

Annually Semiannually

Monthly Semiannually




If test shows problems


After every power outage Annually

Monthly Monthly Annually Every 10 years

Semiannually Regularly, when dirty tenance on each piece of equipment, and a record of individual equipment maintenance. The cards should be updated every time maintenance is performed or whenever a new troubleshooting procedure is devised. Figure 14.1 shows such a card. The tickler file has a separate card for each day and gives the maintenance to be performed on that day. This file has two parts. The first part is for actions to be done monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually and is arranged by months. The second part of the file is for actions to be done weekly and is arranged by day of the week. In preparing this tickler file, items that require the same skills should be grouped together where possible to save time and to take advantage of any economies of scale. (An alternative is to do all tasks in the same area at the same time.) Figure 14.2 shows an example of one card from the tickler file. Ideally, all of these files should be on a computer, but see the note in Section 14.1.2.

The final step is to use the tickler and equipment files to set up an operating schedule by assigning each task to a particular person or crew.

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