139 Summary

In summary, this chapter will help the energy manager make informed decisions about lighting. The following "recipe" reviews some of the main points that influence the effectiveness of lighting retrofits.

A Recipe for Successful Lighting Retrofits 1. Identify visual task—Distinguish between tasks that involve walking and tasks that involve reading small print.

2. Identify lighting needs for each task-Use IES tables to determine target light levels.

3. Research available products and lighting techniques—Talk to lighting manufacturers about your objectives, let them help you select the products. Perhaps they will offer a demonstration or trial installation. Be aware of the relative costs, especially the costs associated with specialized technologies.

4. Identify lamps to fulfill lighting needs—Pick the lamp that has the proper CRI, CCT, lamp life and lumen output.

5. Identify ballasts and fixtures to fulfill lighting needs. Select the proper ballast factor, % THD, voltage, fixture light distribution, lenses or baffles, fixture efficiency.

6. Identify the optimal control technology: Decide whether to use IR, US or DT Occupancy Sensors. Know when to use time clocks or install switches.

7. Consider system variations to optimize:

Employee performance—Incorporate the importance of lighting quality into the retrofit process.

Energy savings-Pick the most efficient technologies that are cost-effective.

Maintenance—Installing common systems for simple maintenance, group re-lamping, maintenance training.

Ancillary effects—Consider effects on the HVAC system, security, safety, etc.

8. Publicize results—As with any energy management program, your job depends on demonstrating progress. By making energy cost savings known to the employees and upper-level management, all people contributing to the program will know that there is a benefit to their efforts.

9. Continually look for more opportunities—The lighting industry is constantly developing new products that could improve profitability for your company. Keep in-touch with new technologies and methods to avoid "missing the boat" on a good opportunity. Table 13.21 offers a more complete listing of energy saving ideas for lighting retrofits.

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