137 Daylighting

Human beings developed with daylight as their primary light source. For thousands of years humans evolved to the frequency of natural diurnal illumination. Daylight is a flicker-free source, generally with the widest spectral power distribution and highest comfort levels. With the twentieth century's trend towards larger buildings and dense urban environments, the development and wide spread acceptance of fluorescent lighting allowed electric light to become the primary source in offices.

Daylighting interior spaces is making a comeback because it can provide good visual comfort, and it can save energy if electric light loads can be reduced. New control technologies and improved daylighting methods allow lighting designers to conserve energy and optimize employee productivity.

There are three primary daylighting techniques available for interior spaces: Utilizing Skylights, Building Perimeter Daylighting and Building Core Daylighting. Skylights are the most primitive and are the most common in industrial buildings. Perimeter daylighting is defined as using natural daylight (when sufficient) such that electric lights can be dimmed or shut off near windows

Table 13.19
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