1356 Remote Source Lighting and Fiber Optics

Remote source lighting systems have the lighting source some distance from the point of delivery. Basically, the light source is connected to a light pipe or fiber optics, which carries the light to the point of application. Remote lighting solutions have become more popular because they fill the needs of projects that have hazardous or underwater environments, walk-in freezers, architectural restrictions or special aesthetic objectives. Remote source lighting systems offer reduced maintenance costs, because lamps can be accessed easily and safely. For example, light pipes can be effective in gymnasiums or swimming pools. The uniform lighting also can result in a lower glare than single bright fixtures.

Fiber optics can be used to resolve challenges associated with maintaining aesthetics. Light sources can be installed in rooms outside of a viewing area, with the fiber optics routed through walls (or other obscured spaces—like crown molding) to the application. Like miniature flashlights, the fiber optics can be pointed directly at the needed spot. For example, gallery or church lighting can be achieved without bulky fixtures getting in the way of the occupant's view.

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