12b90 Software

12.B9.1 The software shall be designed to run twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. It shall continually compile and act upon acquired input and display pertinent information on system operation.

12.B9.2 The software shall be user friendly, user interactive and provide complete environmental and machine status information at the touch of a key. It shall allow the user to change operation parameters through easily understood display prompts.

12.B9.3 The software shall be flexible and adaptable. All displays must be clear and concise, using the actual names of the equipment and areas in question rather than employing a cryptic computer code to identify locations and machinery.

12.B9.4 All operator input shall require a minimum of keystrokes in response to prompted messages clearly identifying the required options for entries.

12.B9.5 The software modules and data base shall be stored in nonvolatile or battery hacked memory to prevent loss of the operating parameters in the event of a power failure. When the system starts, it shall first reload all the parameters and decide what should be on or off. The system shall then scan the facility, see what equipment is actually running and update all temperatures. If, in fact, the status is no longer what it should be, the system shall stagger start all appropriate equipment.

12.B9.6 The software shall provide telecommunication capability for remote support at a minimum of 1200 baud. After logging onto the system with a remote terminal, the remote user must have access to all user defined variables (operational parameters) as described hereinafter.

12.B9.7 The software shall provide the capability to upload and download all data, programs, I/O point databases and user configurable parameters from the remote terminal.

12.B9.8 The software shall be capable of autodialing a minimum of three different phone numbers, in pulse or dial mode.

12.B9.9 The software shall update the display of data with the most current data available within 5 seconds of operator request.

12.B9.10 The software shall allow the user to assign unique identifiers of his choice to each connected point. Identifiers shall have at least eight alpha/numeric characters. All reference to these points in programs, reports and command messages shall be by these identifiers.

12.B9.11 The software shall provide a simple method for the qualified systems integrator to designate control and monitoring characteristics of each control/monitor point. There shall be a menu selection to print the I/O point listings with current configuration data.

12.B9.12 The software shall be custom configured for the project and shall conform to the sequences that are explicitly specified in the Software Specifications. All configuration must be completed by CONTRACTOR prior to acceptance. GENERIC SOFTWARE TO BE TOTALLY CONFIGURED BY THE END USER IS UNACCEPTABLE. The operator must be able to easily change operating setpoints and parameters from legible, comprehensive menus, but input/output point definition, control algorithms and machinery interlocks must be custom tailored by CONTRACTOR to conform to the control sequences outlined. These algorithms and interlocks are designed to coordinate the operation of all controlled machinery for optimum energy conservation. Access to input/ output point definition and algorithm selection/alternation shall be available to a qualified systems integrator through password protected routines and configuration file manipulation, however, these functions shall be invisible to the system operator.

12.B9.13 Software shall be modular in nature and easily expandable for both more control points and/or more control features.

12.B9.14 All input gathered by remote sensors shall be globally accessible to the system controller(s). Software designation rather than hardware configuration shall define the interrelationships of all input/output points.

12.B9.15 The software shall provide at least 3 password access codes that can be user configurable for leveled access to menu functions. All password protection shall be enabled or disabled through simple menu selections.

12.B9.16 The execution of control functions shall not be interrupted due to normal user communications including: interrogation, program entry, printout of the program for storage, etc.

12.B9.17 In the dynamic display mode the software shall have the ability to activate real time logic tracers. These tracers shall display the logical sequences being executed by the program as they occur.

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