12b50 Inputs

12.B5.1 The system shall be capable of receiving the following input signals:

a. Analog Inputs (AI): The AI function shall monitor each analog input, perform analog to digital (A/D) conversion, and hold the digital value in a buffer for interrogation.

b. Digital Inputs (DI): The DI function shall accept dry contact closures.

c. Temperature Inputs: Temperature inputs originating from a thermister, shall be monitored and buffered as an AI, except that automatic conversion to degrees F shall occur without any additional signal conditioning. Cable for temperature input wiring from sensors that incorporate RFI circuitry in the sensor do not require shielded cable. Cable for temperature input wiring that does not incorporate RFI circuitry in the sensor shall be shielded.

d. Pulse Accumulators: The pulse accumulator function shall have the same characteristics as the DI, except that, in addition, a buffer shall be required to totalize pulses between interrogations. The pulse accumulator shall accept rates up to 10 pulse/second.

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