12b160 Contractors Verification Of System Programming

12.B16.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide to OWNER written certification that all system programming is complete as to all respects of these specifications and the Software Specifications prior to final checkout pursuant to section 12.B17.0 hereof. This certification shall be submitted to OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE at least twenty (20) calendar days prior to the then current Contract completion date. As part of the certification, CONTRACTOR shall perform as listed below.

12.B16.2 CONTRACTOR shall provide to OWNER a printed copy of all software programming, point designations and schedules installed into the system.

12.B16.3 CONTRACTOR shall demonstrate to OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE all software programming as detailed in the Software Specifications. The demonstration shall include but not be limited to verification of the following:

a. Individual equipment control programs;

b. Activity schedule/programs;

c. Holiday schedule;

d. Specific area activity overrides;

e. Freeze protection;

f. Global override;

g. Data logging (trending, last time on, last time off); and, h. Software interlocks.

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