12b150 Contractors Verification Of System Installation

12.B15.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide to OWNER written certification in the form prescribed by OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE that installation of the system is substantially complete as to all respects of these specifications prior to final checkout pursuant to section 12.B17.0 hereof. This certification shall be submitted to

OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the then current Contract completion date. As part of the certification, CONTRACTOR shall perform as listed below.

12.B15.2 CONTRACTOR shall verify correct temperature readings and scaling of all temperature inputs by comparing actual space temperature to remote temperature indication as displayed by the system video monitor. Both actual and displayed temperatures shall be recorded in table form and certified as to authenticity by CONTRACTOR. Actual space temperature shall be measured by a device traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. Said device will be noted in the certification.

12.B15.3 CONTRACTOR shall verify operation of all outputs by operating each output over its full range of operation and observing for correct response at the controlled equipment.

12.B15.4 CONTRACTOR shall provide to OWNER a list of all existing nonoperational equipment that is interfaced with the system.

12.B15.5 CONTRACTOR shall perform an inspection of the completed work for compliance with all provisions of these specifications and the Software Specifications.

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