12b120 Systems Manual

12.B12.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide three (3) system manuals describing programming and testing, starting with a system overview and proceeding to a detailed description of each software feature. The manual shall instruct the user on programming or reprogramming any portion of the system. This shall include all control programs, algorithms, mathematical equations, variables, setpoints, time periods, messages, and other information necessary to load, alter, test and execute the system. The manual shall include:

12.B12.2 Complete description of programming language, including commands, editing and writing control programs, algorithms, printouts and logs, mathematical calculations and passwords.

12.B12.3 Instructions on modifying any control algorithm or parameter, verifying errors, status, changing passwords and initiating or disabling control programs.

12.B12.4 Complete point identification, including terminal number, symbol, engineering units and control program reference number.

12.B12.5 Field information including location, device, device type and function, electrical parameters and installation drawing number.

12.B12.6 Location identification of system control hardware.

12.B12.7 For each system function, a listing of digital and/or analog hardware required to interface the system to the equipment.

12.B12.8 Listing of all system application programs associated with each piece of equipment. This listing shall include all control algorithms and mathematical equations. The listing shall be in easy to understand English format. All application programs must be submitted. No proprietary control algorithms will be accepted.

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