12b110 Training

12.B11.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide the services of competent instructors who will give full instruction to designated personnel in the operation, maintenance and programming of the system.

12.B11.2 CONTRACTOR shall orient the training specifically to the system installed rather than a general training course. Instructors shall be thoroughly familiar with the subject matter they are to teach.

12.B11.3 CONTRACTOR shall provide a training manual for each student which describes in detail the data included on each training program. CONTRACTOR shall provide equipment and material required for classroom training.

12.B11.4 Training on the functional operation of the system shall include:

a. Operation of equipment;

b. Programming;

c. Diagnostics;

d. Failure recovery procedure;

e. Alarm formats (where applicable);

f. Maintenance and calibration; and, g. Trouble shooting, diagnostics and repair instructions.

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