1235 Specifics of Software Logic

The most critical phase of systems integration is the software specification. The designer must take care to be as explicit as he/she can when detailing the nature of the algorithms to be installed. This can be done by structuring the software specifications in a manner that clearly defines the algorithms and their interrelationships. The designer who simply includes a manufacturer's general hardware specifications rather than detailing the specifics of software sequencing logic most assuredly dooms the system to failure.

APPENDIX A "EMCS Software Specifications" is a sample of what can be described as a minimally acceptable software specification. Ideally, in addition to a descriptive specification, the designer would leave little doubt as to exactly what he/she has in mind by providing a listing, in easy to understand English format, of all system application programs associated with each piece of equipment. Following is an example of what a listing might look like for control of boilers.

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