1231 Facility Appraisal

An appraisal of the job site is the first step of EMCS systems integration. The appraisal is generally done by interviewing the building users to determine building usage patterns (be careful to differentiate between normally scheduled usage and after hours usage), to identify any comfort complaints (i.e. are there 'hot' or 'cold' spots in the building, is ventilation adequate, etc.), to assess the attitude that the building maintenance staff has towards an EMCS, and to determine exactly what the building manager expects the system to accomplish.

During the facility appraisal, the following people should be interviewed:

Tenants (by company, department, job function) Prospective tenants Delivery services Security personnel

Service vendors (including janitorial, HVAC, lighting, electrical, life safety) Building engineers/ facility managers Corporate energy manger, if any Building owner/CEO/CFO Property manager and staff Leasing agents.

Perhaps the most overlooked above are leasing agents. These professionals must understand the benefits of energy efficiency, or they will not be able to sell it to perspective tenants.

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