1121 How To Start Mpmp

Begin by conscientiously gathering information on each motor used in excess of 2000 hours per year.

Complete a MOTOR RECORD FORM (Figure 11.7) for each motor. (A detailed profile of your existing Motor.)

• This form must be established for each motor to serve as a performance record. It will help you to understand WHEN, WHERE, and HOW your motors are used, and identify opportunities to improve drive system efficiency.

• Each item in this form must be addressed, paying particular attention to the following items: Motor Location, Application, Energy Cost S/kWh, Operating Speed, Operating Load and Nameplate information.

• Motors with special electrical designs or mechanical features should be studied carefully. Some applications require special attention, such as fans, compressors and pumps.

• Motors with a history of repeated repair should be of special interest.

• Examine your completed MOTOR RECORD FORM and select the best candidates for possible retrofit or future replacement.

• Check with your local utility regarding the availability of financial incentives or motor rebates.

Finding the right motor for the application, and calculating its energy and cost savings can be done with the MotorMaster5 software and WHAT IF motor comparison form Figure 11.8. This form has the capability to compare several motors and analyze potential savings.

System efficiency is the product of individual efficiencies.

For example, out of $5.00 total motor losses (Scenario 3) only 69 cents is from the motor itself. The belt and fan account for $3.89 + .36 = $4.25 of the total losses.

(The kW amounts shown in the table in the graphic are the sums of the previous components.)

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